Accelerated Genomic Analysis

No Two People are Alike!

Every one is different, everyone has different genetic variations and reacts differently to the same condition. Personalizing treatment based on patient's genetic variation will revolutionize how medicines cure diseases. Treatments will provide relief much faster with significantly lower side-effects as the medicine has been tailored specifically for the patient's DNA.

Each humans DNA is represented by more than 3 billion characters and revolution in biochemical DNA sequencing has transformed the DNA analysis process whereby converting biological samples to digital data has become tremendously fast. The new bottleneck in understanding the minute details of an individual's DNA lies in analyzing this digital data. This is now a computational problem and Parabricks is using proprietary technology to analyze this digital data at a blazing speed.

Genomic analysis in an hour instead of days

Faster Analysis

Cost Reduction

Price-Performance Improvement

Faster Genomic Analysis Can:

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